Men's Basketball Adds Point Guard


Deontae Still

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Position: PG 
Favorite player: Myles Powell
Favorite team: Cavs
Spirit animal: Tiger

Thank my family for being here with me for the whole process. Continuing to believe in me. Thanks to the coaches for this opportunity.
Thank you to the teammates for being here for me already before the games even get started.

Why do you play?
Play for my family. To help them get out the struggle. Play for God.

What has the last year been like?
Been better going back to playing basketball. Moved back in with my family. Been a tough year.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?
Think it should be a great season. We have a lot to prove. A lot of people are overlooking us. We need to work hard and put the work in.

Why did you come to BSC?
Coaching staff. Great system. Great players to play with. Feel like this team can do something special this upcoming season.

Advice for kids looking to play sports in college?
Focus on school work. Keep the grades up. That is most important. Have to have good grades to stay eligible on the court.
Start at a young age. The younger the better. Gives you more time to put the work in and get better.

Bryant & Stratton College