Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

Tremaine Smith

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Position: PF/SF
Favorite player: Kobe Bryant
Favorite team: Lakers

Why do you play?
Started playing 8th grade year. Wasn't good at first. Had to work at it. Got better freshman year - went from 5'9" to 6'5". Starting playing varsity. Setting a good example for my family to go to school and get their diploma.

What has the last year been like?
Beginning of senior year everything was going great. Lost seven people I knew during basketball season. Made it tough to play basketball and have fun. People were giving me advice to keep it all on the court and just play.
It was tough. Last four months have been good, I'm grounded. My teammates were there for me. Helped me forget about losing my people. My teammates helped me become better.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?
Feel like I have to do way better than how I played in high school. College is a way different level. Need to shoot more. Run more. Everything. Have to do everything twice as hard that I needed to do in high school.

Why did you come to BSC?
Coach Duncan knows alot of D1 and D2 connections. Chose between Sinclair and Prep school.

Advice for kids looking to play sports in college?
Where I lived at. It was bad. They see me on youtube. They look up to us. Stop being bad. Stuff happens. Gotta set your mind to something and go straight for it. Don't let anything stop you. If you want to be a football player. Go do it. Do better than the guys that you are looking up to when they were your age.

Interested in studying business.

Bryant & Stratton College