Men's Basketball Adds Combo Guard

Thurman signing

Greg Thurman

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Position: SG/PG
Favorite player: Lebron James
Favorite team: Milwaukee Bucks

Thanks to the coaching staff to help me get here. My parents, for sticking with me during the whole experience from grade school to high school. They encouraged me to play through all those levels. My whole family that supported me through this.

Why do you play?
For myself, and for my family. Looking to take care of family in the long run. Have my parents taken care of. Passion for it since 6-7 yrs old.

What has the last year been like?
Spent the last year finding myself. Lost myself and got off track last couple years in high school. Had to regroup. Gave up after a close friend passed away. Getting back at working hard. Having that laser focus.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?
Feel good about it. New atmosphere for me. Going to give it my all. Meeting new people and learning thier personalities.

Why did you come to BSC?
Had another choice, but BSC was a better deal for me financially.

Advice for kids looking to play sports in college?
Stay focused. Sometimes you will get discouraged. It is not a race. It is a marathon. Its going to be a long way to get where you are going. Stick with it even if you feel like you aren't getting immediate results.

Interested in studying business.

Bryant & Stratton College